Women In Leadership


Women in Leadership (WIL) is quite similar to Women in Ministry, only that, Women in Leadership has no religious barrier. It is opened to all women leaders- political leaders, women in business, heads of organisations and so on. The aim of WIL is to help women build and nurture their leadership capacities while effectively leading their groups and organisations. From time to time, WIL puts together seminars, workshops and other empowerment programs for women in leadership. In December, she also puts together her Possibilities Conference to guide women into a successful close of the year and prepare them for the coming year.


Like Women in Ministry and Women in Leadership, Barak’s Arise is also an arm of Deborah’s Cradle that reaches out to men. The aim of Barak’s Arise is to help men arise to the call of God on their lives and create a world where men and women and live in synergy.